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    [Holy bejebbus this was a ton of work! TAT But it’s based around my headcanon that Doll works in a haunted nursing home. If it were a game you would have a flashlight, which you use to see the possessed dolls, and a small bit of salt as ammunition. (Mike had the doors and his power) You would use the light to spot them, and could only hit them with salt while the light is on them, otherwise you cant see! If they catch Doll they cut her open, cut off ehr limbs, ad stuff her full of cotton bals and gauaze before sewing her up and making her a ‘Doll’ just like them! The Dolls are mine, Doll herself is rebornica's. The dolls are Raggity Anne, Pocillina Pociline Doll, Tommy Troll Doll, and Kathy Cabbage Patch doll.]


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    overusing my red circle lenses in selfies until my other pair arrives

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    Compare and contrast.


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  8. Some kid just blasted by me on a bike like it was Yowapeda up in here

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